Sunday, 17 June 2018

Tory Lloyd

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After my shock MS diagnosis in March 2017 some days I feel such overwhelming fatigue that I struggle to find the energy to keep fighting the good fight. But another 12 months on (without sugar, gluten or dairy *sob sob*) those days are getting fewer and fewer and for the most part I am feeling better, stronger and more positive about the future. I am so grateful to have 2 beautiful kids and a support network of incredible family, friends and partner. I may have MS but mostly I just feel lucky and blessed everyday to be leading this incredible life. This shitty, shitty disease will not beat me.'s that time of the year for me to Step Up for MS again! MSWA do amazing work for those living with MS and other neurological diseases in our community. If you can spare a dollar or two to support this great truly are amazing. (Plus it works wonders motivating my lazy arse off the couch to get training.....)

Thank you!

Tory xx

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Josh-J&M | 20/06/2018

"Really respect your energetic efforts."


Daryl Prince | 18/06/2018

"Nice to see the support the team at Ballards have, Good group of people supporting a good person, next year I might have to do it with you guys???"


Ian | 18/06/2018



Nik | 15/06/2018

"I would come and do the stairs with Good luck!"

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