Sunday, 17 June 2018

The official ambassadors for the 2018 Shadforth Financial Group Step Up for MSWA have kindly shared their stories with us, so that you can learn a bit more about their lives and the reason they support the event.

Gemma's Story

Gemma Missen remembers life before multiple sclerosis (MS), as extraordinary. It was 2015, and she was planning her dream wedding, focusing on her health and enjoying catching up with family and friends. Her first clue that something wasn’t right was tingling and stabbing pains around her face and neck. Two months later, following some scans, a hospital stay, and other tests, Gemma was diagnosed with MS.

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Tory's Story

2017 will be a year that Tory Lloyd will never forget. Whilst working long hours in real estate, battling huge amounts of stress and looking after two young children, she woke one morning to find she couldn’t put on her mascara. Less than 48 hours later, numerous tests and two MRI’s, Tory was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (MS).

After discussions with her doctor, Tory was in shock and fearing the worst. She had heard of MS before but hadn’t paid much attention to it and her first thought was that she would lose her mobility and have to give up her career.

“I had huge amounts of stress in my life at that time, I was in the midst of a marriage breakdown, I smoked and drank too much and had a very poor diet” Tory said.

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