Sunday, 17 June 2018

Stair climbing season is upon us and now is a great time to get in shape for the 2018 Shadforth Financial Group Step Up for MSWA!

Perth Integrated Health Workshops

Our friends at PIH will be running Sports Medicine programs to help get you climb ready!

Ian Wee, Sports Medicine Director, will be holding a Sports Medicine Series of information sessions focusing on a biomechanical approach to running training. For more information and to regsiter CLICK HERE.


Myths and Tips

Stair climbing season is upon us and now is a great time to get in shape for the 2018 Shadforth Financial Group Step Up for MSWA!

Triathlete, long time Stepper and fastest male three years running, Anthony Sciano, has shared some of his wisdom to help each and every one of you take on the challenge.

Here are some myths and tips to help you conquer the 1,103 steps to the top of Central Park.


Myth: The best way to train for stair climbing is to climb as many stairs as possible

Truth: Mix it up

Similar benefits can be achieved by introducing swimming and other low impact sport to your training schedule.  Cycling is particularly handy, especially hill climbing. This reduces the impact on your knees, strengthens your legs and improves your cardio-vascular system.

Myth: The more you train, the fitter you will become

Truth: Focus on intensity

Ultimately it depends on the event you are training for.  For this event, efficiency and quality of the workout should be your emphasis.  Sprint efforts and shorter sharper sessions are far more effective than long sessions. Focus on short, punchy runs and rides to improve speed and build endurance. 

Myth:  The quickest way to the top is two steps at a time  

Truth: One step at a time 

Sure, you can try two steps initially for the first couple of flights, but believe us, you will need to revert back to single steps as you WILL fatigue quicker.  By focusing on one step at a time, you are conserving your energy and smoothing out your exertion.  Trust us, your heart and lungs will thank you.   

Myth: You need to train everyday before for the event

Truth: Chill out

With all your training going along smoothly, you can easily fall into the trap of not allowing your body to recover. Understanding when you need to put the brakes on and have a day where your body can recuperate is vital. Why not take a day at the beach!


Event Day Tips

Light is best.

There are a tonne of emotions flying around on race morning and therefore you will need to ensure you have eaten something that is easily digestible, provides you energy and you know sits well for you. Nobody knows your body better than you. Save your hearty bacon and eggs for after the climb.  

Have a cuppa. 

Sounds simple, but it’s an old school time tested method which works.  Along with your light brekkie, a coffee can enhance performance and improve concentration. Limit the amount of milk within your coffee and ensure you consume 3-4 hours beforehand. You don’t want any unannounced bowel movements at the start line.  

Keep it simple. 

If this is your first time in the stairwell, be warned it can get a little warm.  Make sure you wear something which is light, comfortable and allows you to move around freely – of course, if you decide to wear a costume, be warned, it’s going to get steamy!  

The handrail is your friend.

On race day, the handrail is your greatest companion. Use it to help propel your body up each step.  As you are engaging your upper body, it will help reduce the workload on your legs and move you quicker to the top.  



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