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Goldilocks and the ThreeBruce Rock Bears



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Once upon a time there were Three Bears and a blonde girl called Goldilocks.

They all lived together in the Shire of Bruce Rock. 

History would tell you they had a rocky start, being that Goldilocks had been busted for breaking and entering. 

The judge ordered community service and that led Goldilocks to become a Shire Councillor. It was here that  she was reconnected with the Three Bears.....Papa,  Mama and Baby Bear. 

They all lived the Fairytale life in beautiful Bruce Rock until one fateful day ( June 3, 2010) Baby Bear was diagnosed with MS.

The others decided they had to do something. After all they weren’t just friends anymore, but they were family.

So they all decided to do the 2019 MS StepUp and raise funds to help Baby Bear and those others like him as they climbed those 53 stories.

Please help Goldilocks and the Three Bruce Rock Bears raise money to not only help make life easier for those affected by MS , but maybe even find a cure one day so they can all live happily ever after.

Thanks for your time and hopefully a donation.

And remember Bruce Rock....Where Friends Become Family.

We’ve signed up to help raise funds for Western Australians living with all neurological conditions, by taking part in the 2019 Shadforth Financial Group Step Up for MSWA.

MSWA provides vital support and services to people living with multiple sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, and acquired Brain Injury, to name a few.

Please help support MSWA, by donating today.

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"A dollar for every step you take, to let you know that I'm with you all the way. Bruce Rock RULES"


Valmai Buller | 14/02/2019


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