Sunday, 30 June 2019

The official ambassadors for the 2019 Shadforth Financial Group Step Up for MSWA have kindly shared their stories with us, so that you can learn a bit more about their lives and the reason they support the event.


Simone's Story

It was March 2017, when Simone noticed that her right shin and calf muscle started to go numb. Seeking medical advice, she was assured it was probably just a pinched nerve. The numbness spread. “I couldn’t walk without assistance and I had to go down the stairs on my bum as my balance had disappeared” said Simone. After weeks of medical opinions, Simone consulted a neurologist. “Dr Ghia did every test imaginable, but had said from the start he thought it was the onset of MS. I thought, he’s wrong. MS wouldn’t happen to me!”.

You can read more of Simone's story here.


Rebecca's Story

Rebecca Boyle, 45, was diagnosed with MS in 2000. She decided to first ‘take the plunge’ in 2018 and Step Up For MSWA.

“As a first time participant, I was completely out of my comfort zone. I’d never done anything like Step Up before. I was really pleased with how I challenged myself. I completed the climb in 15 minutes and 27 seconds! The event was excellent, so very well organised. There were lots of friendly and helpful event staff, volunteers and fellow-competitors. I’m really looking forward to stepping up again for MSWA in 2019!” said Rebecca.

You can read more of Rebecca's story here.


Cory's Story

Cory van Dijk, 28, will be participating in the 2019 Step Up for MSWA for the third year running.

"A group of us volunteer firefighters were initially talking about the stair climbing challenges in New Zealand and Sydney, then found that there was one in Perth, so we jumped on board" said Cory.

As a member of the Bunbury Volunteer Fire and Rescue Team, Cory is well up for the challenge of competing in the Extreme Category. He’ll be wearing his full structural turnout kit, including breathing apparatus, cylinder and mask.

You can read more of Cory's story here


Alex's Story

Alex Matthews enjoys a personal challenge!  Especially one where his efforts help support others in the WA community.  First participating in Step Up for MSWA in 2017, he keeps coming back.

Alex, 35, has enjoyed a diverse and lucky life.  He joined the Navy straight out of High School, to train as a pilot.  Alex said “I learned my first hard life lesson then, when I failed. I then headed overseas to ‘find myself’. What was to be a one year stint, ended up a near 7-year absence from Australia, working in England, Scotland, Malta, Austria and Sweden in a variety of jobs including bar work, teaching diving and ski guiding.

You can read more of Alex's story here




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