Sunday, 30 June 2019

Some words of wisdom from Step Up for MSWA ambassador, firefighter and Ninja Warrior, Alex Matthews to help you prepare for the 2019 Shadforth Financial Group Step Up for MSWA!

  • Walk up stairs! The best preparation you can do is walk and/or jog up stairs!  Even simple things like taking the stairs at work or at the shops, avoiding the lift and escalators, will help with your training.
  • Places like Jacob's Ladder in King's Park, or the Manning Park stairs in Spearwood, are great places to get outdoors and train, while also finding some motivation from like minded people. Mix it up by taking single and double steps to give your legs and lungs a good workout, and keep it interesting! Five laps of Manning Park or Jacob's Ladder is roughly the equivalent of one climb up Central Park. However, if you're really feeling adventurous, try adding a little extra weight to really feel the burn. I like to ramp things up and complete 10 laps of Jacob's Ladder with a 10kg weight vest, to help prepare for the Firefighters Challenge - but be warned, this one is a leg burner!
  • Aim to do more stairs in training than the 1,103 that you'll tackle on event day (making sure to ease into it, if you're new to the event). That way, when event day comes around, you should feel confident in your ability to cruise up to the top!  
  • The lighter you are, the easier it'll be - it's all about power to weight! Ease off the unhealthy food and drinks leading into event day. Plus, there's nothing better than to reward yourself with a post-climb feast after a job well done! Don't have a heavy breakfast on event day either, so that you'll feel light as a feather as the floors fly by.
  • During your climb on the day, try not to count down or pay too much attached to the floor numbers until after half way - it's just a distraction that you don't want! Instead, feed off the volunteers cheering you on as you ascend!  If you find that you're hitting a wall, you can also use the handrails and your arms to pull yourself up. That can make a surprising difference!
  • Above all else, have fun and remember that you're doing an incredibly rewarding thing for an amazing cause! Spread the word, get all your family and mates behind you to cheer you on - even get them to do it with you, and hold each other accountable to stick to your training plan. Get ready for that unbeatable feeling of staring out over the Perth skyline feeling on-top of the world (or Perth at least) about what you've accomplished!



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Sunday, 30 June 2019

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